To Vegan or Not To Vegan

To Vegan or Not To Vegan

Veganism has taken our world by storm. A storm that’s been brewing for a decade and now in light of the Pandemic, more and more human souls are considering the lifestyle change. Without a question, the storm is here for a greater good but proceed with caution. 

You must be wondering why a vegan alternative brand like Aulive is asking you to tread carefully into the realm when we consistently strive to protect animals and provide alternatives. We say this, because no matter how good or great something is; moving too soon and too fast is never a good idea. Concept of Veganism is here to stay, is being picked up and tagged everywhere. Just like the word ‘sustainability’, it has its fair share of washing & marketing gimmicks; hundreds of articles on pros & cons float in the clouds, thousands of changing opinions are storied into our lives, countless conversations we have in our minds.

Veganisim is not only about diet. It’s a slow, conscious lifestyle. It's a thought on compassion. It’s life in its most emphatic form. Choosing to be Vegan is a journey and it will not happen in a day or week or month or even a year (ding). Many of the souls who have moved to a vegan diet as well as lifestyle have faltered countless times, may continue to falter as lives go by and that’s okay.

When we begin to walk the path of veganism, apart from diet, there is a sudden urge to remove all existing non-vegan pieces from our wardrobes and homes. Stop. This is where caution comes. If you own genuine leather pieces or have hand me downs from families, its okay. The most sustainable items are already in your home. Our founder, Wamika, has a similar snippet, “The idea of using animal hide as a fashion accessory never bode well with me but a tiny animal skin bag sat in my wardrobe stuffed with all the guilt in the world. I never used it and seeing it enraged me further. I wouldn’t throw it since it was a delicate piece so instead I gave it away to someone I care for deeply because they would continue to keep the sentimentality alive.” There is no away in ‘throwing away’. 

In the end, to vegan or not to vegan is a conscious but a personal choice. If you wish to educate someone, do it with kindness. If you wish to take on the journey, you’ll be surprised at the learnings the world has to offer. Take it all in, but slowly. 

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