Two Canvas tote bags with the tag line "Let them Run Wild" and antlers representing wildlife drawn around it

The Thought

      Aulive is an endearing brand started with the idea of crafting quality, cruelty free products. We are striving to build a platform where ethical buying does not compromise with being fashionable. At Aulive, we create products that are eco-friendly by using superior vegan leather.
The term “cruelty-free product” is generally understood within the animal rights movement as a product that has not been tested on animals by the manufacturer. If you consider yourself an "animal lover," it’s important to buy cruelty-free products to support companies that are animal-friendly and to boycott companies that still test on animals.
It is important to distinguish between whether a specific company tests on animals and whether a specific ingredient or product has ever been tested on animals. To expect that an ingredient has never been tested on animals is unrealistic, because centuries of animal experimentation mean that almost every substance, even those that are natural and generally considered safe, has been tested on animals at some point in history. Instead of focusing on whether an ingredient or product has ever been tested on animals, ask whether the company or the supplier currently conducts animal testing.
Stemming from the opinion that fashion should not bleed - today with access to technology its much easier to shop socially responsible and environmentally friendly styles, that are light on one’s conscious. Our belief at Aulive is that going green is the future and we sure are making the future trendy.
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